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  • openbach-2.3.0
    96097fc5 · Merge branch 'dev' ·

    Ubunutu 20.04 support

  • openbach-2.2.0
    f78e65c0 · Merge branch 'dev' ·
    • Improved openbach-functions:
      • Push file is now available to send files to the controller and from the controller to an entity.
      • New function allowing to reboot your agents on your desired kernel, even within a scenario.
    • Improved auditorium_scripts:
      • An unified console output lets you clearly know wether the operation was successful or not.
      • Added scripts to kill all jobs on any / all agents and to uninstall jobs before reinstalling a new version.
    • Improvements on jobs stability and installation process, as well as:
      • Reorganisation of jobs (from openbach-extra to openbach and viceversa).
      • Splitted tcpdump job: tcpdump_pcap (for traffic captures) and pcap_postprocessing (computes different statistics from a pcap).
      • Evolutions on apache2 (e.g. it includes now dash streaming content and new web sites).
      • New jobs: synchronization (force ntp), ftp_clt/srv, tc_qdisc_stats (monitor tc queues status) and more postprocessing jobs (temporal_binning_histogram and temporal_binning_statistics).
      • etc.
    • More accurate reference scenarios and executors and:
      • New executor examples allowing to show the modularity of the reference scenarios.
      • Improved stability on all scenarios.
    • More documentation on openbach-api (especially on the scenario_builder and the data_access).
    • New features, e.g.:
      • Improved statistics management and the possibility to disable local storage.
      • New validation suite module: allows to test the OpenBACH capabilities to prevent regressions and help develop new features.
    • Other minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • openbach-2.1.0
    • Big effort on openbach-extra and openbach-api:
      • New and more robust reference scenarios (network, transport, service, etc.) and executors to launch them from CLI.
      • New and improved jobs/helpers.
      • Polished auditorium-scripts.
    • Reorganization of the wiki:
      • More understandable for new users (easy CLI and web interfaces manuals).
      • New conventions to standardize the way jobs/scenarios are developed.
    • Improvements and corrections on post-processing, LDAP, platform update/backup and stability.
    • New features, e.g.:
      • Allowed parallel job installation.
      • Improved admin web page for jobs: easier to install/uninstall/update jobs in your controller and agents.
    • Other minor bugfixes and improvements.