Commit 5e0cb944 authored by Aurélien Delrieu's avatar Aurélien Delrieu

Fix probe of return link remaining capacity

parent 6cff929d
......@@ -255,15 +255,13 @@ bool DamaCtrlRcs2::resetCarriersCapacity()
CarriersGroupDama *carriers = *carrier_it;
unsigned int carrier_id = carriers->getCarriersId();
vol_sym_t remaining_capacity_sym;
rate_symps_t remaining_capacity_symps;
rate_pktpf_t remaining_capacity_pktpf;
// we have several MODCOD for each carrier so we can't convert
// from bauds to kbits
remaining_capacity_sym = carriers->getTotalCapacity();
remaining_capacity_symps = this->converter->pfToPs(remaining_capacity_sym);
remaining_capacity_pktpf = this->converter->symToPkt(remaining_capacity_sym);
remaining_capacity_symps = carriers->getTotalCapacity();
remaining_capacity_pktpf = this->converter->symToPkt(remaining_capacity_symps);
// initialize remaining capacity with total capacity in
// packet per superframe as it is the unit used in DAMA computations
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