Commit aa51c0b7 authored by Mathias Ettinger's avatar Mathias Ettinger

Fix default values for emulation IPs

parent 2676d9a9
......@@ -122,7 +122,6 @@ Description: OpenSAND network IPv4 address
Template: opensand-daemon/network/lan_iface
Type: select
Choices: ${ifaces_list}
Default: None
Description: Satellite Terminal network interface name
Select the physical interface for Satellite Terminal or Gateway network
This network corresponds to the sub-network used by the
......@@ -195,7 +194,6 @@ Description: Satellite Terminal terrestrial network IPv6 address
Template: opensand-daemon/network/ws_lan_iface
Type: select
Choices: ${ifaces_list}
Default: None
Description: Workstation network interface name
Select the physical interface for workstation on the Satellite Terminal network
......@@ -225,25 +223,6 @@ Description: Workstation IPv6 address
Select the IPv6 address/mask of the workstation
This address should be in the same network as the associated Satellite Terminal
Template: opensand-daemon/network/config_level
Type: select
Description: Level of network configuration
Select the level of configuration you need for your network:
- AUTOMATIC: the daemon automatically read your network configuration
according to the choosen interfaces and try to keep it for
OpenSAND, be sure that your network will be compatible with
- ADVANCED: you will be able to select the interfaces and addresses,
for default configuration choose this mode and press enter for
each value.
Basically, you need to respect the following constraints on emulation network:
- on emulation network all the hosts shall be on the same sub-network (i.e.
should have the same mask),
- on ST or GW lan, your workstations should be in the same subnetwork as the
terminal if not configured automatically with DHCP
Template: opensand-daemon/network/dhcp
Type: boolean
Default: false
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