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    Many modifications to add Ethernet support on the platform: · cb01b014
    Julien BERNARD authored
     - Rename IP-QoS block in LanAdaptation block and add support for plugins
     - Move IP part into a plugin
     - Move mandatory plugins in core (fix bugs 1015153, 1040632, 1042641)
     - Add the Ethernet plugin
     - Move ROHC plugin from encapsulation to lan adaptation
     - Add a TAP interface and a bridge
     - Handle network in daemon process instead of an init script
     - Update tests (still need to add Ethernet ones)
     - Update manager:
       - handle new plugins
       - specify to daemon if it should setup routes for TUN or bridge
         interface on start
       - update topology with the ethernet part 
       - improve stack handling
    Add a script to build packages automatically.
    Rename ATM/AAL5 into AAL5/ATM while moving it in core (fix bug 1051711)
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